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Whether you live on beach, or in the middle of the woods on the side of a mountain, we all crave a space that we can use for all four seasons. Someplace cool and shaded in the summer, someplace warm and sunny for cold winter days, and transitional for fall and spring,




In England, they're called conservatories -- or orangeries, if they're more classically structured -- a room with mostly glass walls, glass ceilings and windows that open so you'll feel immersed in, or at least adjacent to, nature. In France, they tend to have some of the outdoors inside, making them more of a formal garden structure. Of course, the openness of the structure showcases everything inside, so furniture needs to be versatile, comfy, and casually elegant with a touch of luxe formality. This is one room in the house where privacy is optional, and your sense of style is on view for the world to see. Make sure it makes a statement without sacrificing function.

Some of our favorite pieces to get the look:

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