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Chic and Cheerful First Apartment

"Much of what I post on Habitually Chic can be described as “aspirational” design. I know this doesn’t always translate to real life which can be frustrating to those without unlimited budgets. When my very sweet public relations friend Current D’Ignazio asked me to help her pull together her first grown up apartment in New York, I thought this would be a great opportunity to give some practical advice for others just starting out or who can’t spend a lot to decorate. I also think it’s a great example of how you don’t have to immediately go to Ikea to buy everything. Although, there’s nothing wrong with Ikea, I think it’s more interesting to mix furniture and accessories you’ve found from different sources. Current had actually already ordered some furniture before she asked me for help so my job was to figure out how those pieces would work with what she already owned, as well as how to make the apartment reflect her personality, which is incredibly sunny, just like her namesake." - Heather Clawson



As we step into the apartment, Current greets us with her glowing smiling and enthusiastic charm.

"My name is Current and I’m named after a town in Eleuthera, Bahamas where my parents met, romanced, and became engaged. While growing up my family had a home in Current and the island really informed much of my childhood – including an appreciation for beauty, solitude, and adventure. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Eleuthera it’s an absolute must – the beaches, seafood, vibrant colors – so much to explore far from the grid! Happiness and good vibes guaranteed.  

When I was born my godfather wrote “may Current always be up-to-date, swift moving and high voltage.” It’s turned out I’ve embodied these words in all parts of my life including professionally. I’m the PR Manager at La Prairie North America and I’ve been with the company for 5+ years. Public Relations seemed to be the right fit for me early on and I think I’ve started to carve out a nice space for myself in the industry. I love skincare, art and luxury and La Prairie has been the perfect blend of all three.

This spring I was finally able to move into my first single apartment. A bright space on the Upper East Side that’s become uniquely me. When you step inside you almost feel like you’ve left Manhattan. I love the city but I think it’s nice to be able to remove yourself from the chaos, especially after a business day and evening activities. 

My apartment decor is a real mélange – modern Lucite nested tables, knick knacks from consignment stores, vintage Chippendale chairs mixed with island treasures, Androsia fabric, stacks of Assouline books, photos from tropical excursions, a zebra rug from my grandparents last trip to South Africa, matchbooks to remind me of favorite restaurants around the world, and a Bird of Paradise plant. Taking care of my first living organism also makes my apartment feel more grownup.

I was honored when my dear friend Heather agreed to “spruce up” my apartment. She helped keep my eclectic, island vibe while adding accents of contemporary style throughout. Seashells I found over the years placed in modern dishes, mirrored frames with minimal nonfigurative artwork, gold and marble inflections and a ceramic garden stool. Nothing super cohesive but it all seems to have come together quite nicely. ” - Current D'Ignazio



Current steps into her living space and takes a seat on her new Bungalow 5 Raleigh chair

“The living room area is inviting with comfy seating and lots of natural light.  A large Safavieh Natural Fiber sisal rug grounds the space and an oversize oatmeal couch speckled with Roller Rabbit patterned pillows add a pop of color. A few White + Warren cashmere throws add more texture and color.

I’m most proud of my gallery wall – a mix of abstract and photographic works from Society6. A few pieces from Artfully Walls and Gray Malin are also incorporated into the mix. 
A funky geo-metric gold side table edged by two driftwood club chairs all from Bungalow 5 sit self-importantly below the art wall. It makes for a really chic reading nook. The chairs are particularly beautiful and have a South Pacific/ Indonesian vibe. Lavender pillows from Roller Rabbit sit on top of the chairs for a subtle hint of color.  
The Bungalow 5 Burma Bamboo side table is stylish and also helps convey the tropical vibe in the room. More seashells housed in a shell dish, agate coasters and my favorite candle from The Webster sit on top.” - Current D'Ignazio

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